Preparing our residents for community employment

MaikaBakery-8Misericordia provides both a Developmental Training Program and Employment Services Program to provide meaningful day services for more than 520 adult residents of Misericordia, and a growing number of adult participants who reside with either their family or with providers other than Misericordia. 



Misericordia’s Developmental Training Program

Ins.Kathy-S.Grano15Misericordia’s Developmental Training Program provides meaningful developmental services for individuals across the full range of disability, utilizing resources found both on campus and in the community.  With more than 50 different program rooms representing a variety of needs, interests, and preferences, each Developmental Training Program participant receives an individualized schedule of learning opportunity.  Every program offered through the Developmental Training Program is required to have purposeful design, and to engage participants in meaningful activity.  Participants are able to change their schedules as needed to take maximum advantage of the diverse offerings.  The program is managed through 8 different Program Branches.  To learn more about the nature of services provided by each program branch, please click here.  

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Employment Services Program

Molly-MisericordiaMisericordia’s Employment Services Program assists those participants, for whom employment is an appropriate and desired outcome, with obtaining and maintaining employment opportunities both on campus and in the general community.  To learn more about Misericordia’s campus employment opportunities please click here.  To learn more about Misericordia’s community employment opportunities please click here.