A wide spectrum of residential options

Misericordia’ s residential services provide a wide range of choices for individuals to thrive in an environment they chose that allows them to live as independently as possible.  Each residential option is supported and connected through Misericordia’s campus, where a comprehensive network of services and opportunities are provided.  Misericordia provides residential options both on campus and in the community.

Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA)  is a residential choice located in the nearby community for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities (individuals over 22 years of age).  Misericordia’s CILA Homes provide live-in and support staff. All of Misericordia’s CILA homes are located within close proximity to the campus so CILA residents have access to all of the services and social activities on campus. The adults who live in the CILAs primarily function in the mild to moderate range of disability, are ambulatory and do not require 24 hour nursing care.