Developmental Training Program Branches

The Developmental Program is managed through eight different Program Branches, with each Program Branch providing unique and specific elements of the overall program.  The Developmental Training Program Branches are as follows:


Learning in Motion

The Learning in Motion program branch supports individuals with more significant ambulation challenges.  The staff of the Learning in Motion branch specialize in using equipment, services, and resources that best support these individuals, such as positioning equipment to alleviate body pressure sensitivity from sitting in their chairs too long, special supports with oral motor challenges and hygiene skills, and the availability of adaptive equipment and technology within the program rooms.  To learn more about the Learning in Motion program branch, please click here. 

Beyond Boundaries

The Beyond Boundaries program branch supports individuals with more significant levels of cognitive and intellectual challenges.   Participants of the Beyond Boundaries branch benefit by working with consistent staff, who know how to support the individual’s needs.  This familiarity gives the participants a safe, familiar support environment to foster opportunities for growth and engagement.  To learn more about the Beyond Boundaries program branch, please click here.

Graceful Living

The Graceful Living program branch supports individuals who have begun to experience functional change as a result of the aging process.  The aging process is very individualized for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and with people living longer, they are experiencing more and varied conditions of aging.  The Graceful Living program supports these individuals through an approach based on the concept of successful aging.  To learn more about the Graceful Living program branch,  please click here. 

Heart Works

The Heart Works program branch provides participants the opportunity to explore their artistic, expressive side, through a variety of art media.  Participant artists have opportunities to paint on canvas and other surfaces, create pottery designs, bead jewelry, work with mixed media, and produce sellable arts and crafts through our Heartfelt Gifts sales events.  The big event of the year is the Artist in All art show, held annually in May in the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago, where participants have the opportunity to show and sell their art creations worked on throughout the year.  The learn more about the Heart Works program branchplease click here. 

Life Long Learning

The Life Long Learning program branch is a continuing education program branch, structured around program rooms that provide specific areas of study, with a program philosophy that potential is achieved through continuous learning.  Program rooms deliver opportunities to work on core learning skills (reading, writing, math, money skills, time skills, and comprehension), self-advocacy, self-expression and expressive thought, vocational readiness, communication skills, health promoting activity, and access to a variety of technology.  To learn more about the Life Long Learning program branch, please click  here. 


ARISE Program: ARISE is an acronym that stands for Advocacy, Respect, Identity, and Self-Expression.  The ARISE program utilizes teaching methods to engage the individual in understanding and contributing in an inter-dynamic society.  To learn more about the ARISE Program, please click here.

Health Promotions and Wellness

The Health Promotions and Wellness program guides participants through healthy lifestyle education and activity, to include nutritional studies, physical activity, and living a healthy lifestyle.  To learn more about the Health Promotions and Wellness program, please click here.

Community Access

Community Access: A goal for many participants is to gain more independence in community settings, while at the same time expand their social networks.  The Community Access program works with participants to explore the immediate and greater Chicagoland neighborhood resources, and participate in community integrative activity, and subsequently growing their social base.  To learn more about the Community Access program, please click here. 

Greco Gardens Horticulture Program

Greco Gardens Horticulture Program: The Greco Gardens Horticulture Program first opened in the early 90’s, bringing with it new opportunity for residents of Misericordia to learn through engagement with plant care.  The Greco Gardens is a fully operational, year round greenhouse. The greenhouse received a total makeover in mid-2016, reinvigorating the program.  To learn more about the Greco Gardens, please click here.

   Vocational Readiness

  Vocational Readiness: The typical path for many adults is to enter the workforce  following their formal educational years.  Fortunately, for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, entering the workforce is becoming an increasing opportunity.  Misericordia has Vocational Readiness programs to assist participants with gaining work skills, attitudes, and behaviors to assist with personal growth towards future employment opportunities.  To learn about Misericordia’s Vocational Readiness programs, please click here.