We make a difference in lives of our residents


Misericordia is home to a very diverse population of residents. Our diversity encompasses a broad constituency of social economic factors ranging from wards of the State, extreme poverty families, broken homes, abandon children to very involved and supportive families.

While Misericordia is a Catholic based organization and part of the Archdiocese of Chicago, residents of all religious backgrounds are represented. Misericordia welcomes all backgrounds with open arms without regard to religion, ethnicity or social economic consideration. Our only goal is to be able to provide a loving environment that will serve our residents in the best way possible.

At any given time Misericordia provides exceptional care for 20% of our residents who receive no family support due to a variety of reasons. Since no support is available from their families, we must rely on others to enable us to fulfill our mission of providing a loving and caring home for them. The cost to Misericordia in serving this group of residents is over $5 Million per year. It represents a very significant percentage of our overall shortfall every year. Yet, we believe it is our mission to serve these individuals with the same services, dignity and respect as those with more supportive families.




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Misericordia Mission Statement

The mission of Misericordia/Heart of Mercy is to support children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who choose our community by providing the highest quality residential, training, and employment services. We provide the full continuum of care designed to meet each person's changing needs and maximize his or her independence, self-determination, interpersonal relationships, and engagement in the community. Through our dedicated families, employees, volunteers, supporters and community networks, we offer an environment that fosters each person's spirituality, dignity, respect, and quality of life.