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Fill out the the form and mail it to Misericordia. Click here.

Corporate Sponsorship

We have many wonderful sponsorship opportunities for our corporate partners. We host many events throughout the year and with many levels of sponsorship being offered. Click here.

Employee Giving

Misericordia is grateful to all the individuals who support us through payroll deduction at their workplace. We also thank these employers for establishing payroll deduction plans for their employees to donate directly to Misericordia. Click here.

Matching Gifts

Many employers have a matching program that can double or even triple your gift to Misericordia. Find out if your employer has a matching gift program. Click here.

Estate & Planned Gifts

Historically Misericordia has relied on bequests and other planned gifts to meet current funding needs, strengthen our financial position, establish new programs and enhance existing ones, and supplement new services. Such gifts have an immense impact on the children and adults under Misericordia’s care. Learn how you can help ensure Misericordia’s future by including the organization in your estate plans. Click here for more information.

  •    Sister Rosemary Connelly Society
  •    Making a Bequest to Misericordia 
  •    Life Income Gifts
  •    Other Types of Gifts
  •    Assets to Give
  •    Create Your Own Plan

Sister Rosemary Connelly Society

Recognition society for those people that have included Misericordia in their estate plans. Click here.

Making a bequest to Misericordia

  • Make a gift of any amount while retaining control of your assets during your lifetime.
  • Bequests can be modified at any point.
  • In many cases, a bequests allows you to make a more significant gift than might have been possible during your lifetime.
  • An outright gift from your estate is free from federal estate taxes.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of creating a legacy and having a lasting impact on the children and adults of Misericordia Home.

Bequest Language

The following is suggested language for a bequest to Misericordia:

"I (We) give, devise, bequest to Misericordia Home, an Illinois not-for-profit organization located at 6300 N. Ridge, Chicago, Illinois, the sum of $_______ or (all or __% of the rest, residual, remainder of my estate) to be used for its general corporate purposes."

Life Income Gifts

  • Charitable Gift Annuity

An individual makes an irrevocable gift of cash of appreciated property to Misericordia in exchange for a promise from Misericordia to pay a fixed income (with rates based upon age) for the rest of your life.

  • Charitable Remainder Unitrust

An individual makes an irrevocable gift of cash or appreciated property to fund a charitable trust. Donor receives an amount equal to a percentage of the trust assets, which are valued annually, for life or a specified period of years.

  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

An individual makes an irrevocable gift of cash or appreciated property to fund a charitable trust. The donor receives a fixed income for life.

Other Types Of Gifts

  • Charitable Lead Trust

An individual transfers cash or appreciated property to fund a lead trust that makes payments to Misericordia for a period of time. The family or other named person receiving the property after the term of the trust expires.

Assets To Give

  • Gifts of Stocks and Bonds
  • Gifts of Real Estate

Create Your Own Plan

  • How to give
  • What to give   


It is extremely important that you consult with your financial planner or accountant before making any decision on gifting to Misericordia. Donors should also seek advice in preparation of their estate plans. Misericordia has several partners who can provide expertise. 

If you have any questions please contact either:

Kevin Connelly - Assistant Executive Director and Chief Financial Office

kevin@misericordia.com  773-273-4167


Robert Bourke -  Director of Planned Giving

robertb@misericordia.com  773-273-4173


Please note that funds raised by the Misericordia Foundation go directly to support Misericordia Home’s programs and services. The Misericordia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.