Mike and John making a difference!

Misericordia is blessed with literally thousands of volunteers helping to support our mission. On any given day we have volunteers working in our bakery, dining room, development training, residence areas, community activities with our residents, events, business office etc. Without the support of these people we would not be able to provide the quality environment that our residents deserve. Below are a few examples that highlight the tremendous contributions our volunteers make each and every day.  If you ask any of them they will tell you that the receive far more than they give to Misericordia.


Mike_MMike McDonagh

Mike has been volunteering at Misericordia for over 35 years. He began helping at the first Family Fest picnic. Later, he also became involved in Candy Days coordinating a major area in the Loop. After his retirement from the "corporate world,” Mike has increased his involvement to the point where he is now an integral part of the development team. He provides support and expertise to all of the major Misericordia events on a full time basis. If you ask Mike why he is so committed to Misericordia he says "Don't tell anyone, but I get far more in personal satisfaction and reward than I ever give.”



John Dyer

As is the case with so many friends of Misericordia, John was introduced to our mission by our dear friend of loving memory, Brian O. Shannon. During the past twenty years John has assisted and participated in many of our events. John is known to our residents as their friend and coach. He took the coaching experience he gained with his own children in the Arlington Heights youth Baseball, Basketball and Park District Soccer and brought it to the residents of Misericordia. Every Thursday, rain or shine, John coaches the Misericordia team to victory. John is also a member of the Misericordia Board of Directors.


Please note that funds raised by the Misericordia Foundation go directly to support Misericordia Home’s programs and services. The Misericordia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.