The Heart of Mercy in Action


Goal of the Program

Misericordia offers a long-term service opportunity to young people from across the country that will allow them to share their lives with our children and adults in a community setting. Our goal is that the lives of both volunteer and resident will be enriched by the experience.

Heart of Mercy in Action

" Such is the privilege of the program, to be so immersed in life here as to be transformed by it, and to go forth from Misericordia upholding the value and dignity of the lives of the vulnerable, wherever and whoever they may be."

Type of Placement

 Volunteers live in the community in the Driskill Residence and work with adult residents, assisting them with the daily functioning of the home, with particular emphasis on supporting activities of daily living (personal care needs, meal prep, etc) and community involvement of the residents. Programs focus on elements of life that are integral to personal happiness and well-being. These include employment, education, residential placements, health and wellness activities, therapy and social/recreational outings. The lives of both volunteers and residents are enriched by the experience as our residents thrive in an environment of dignity, challenge, beauty and respect.


Areas for Volunteer Placement





                  Residential                                        Therapy                                            (OT/PT/Speech)






                  Nursing                                 Recreation and Leisure                            Pool Instructor                                                                                                                  





                  Fitness                          Independent Living Skills Instructor                        Job Coach




                                      Developmental Training                                         Dietician/Nutritionist


Area of Service:  Chicago, Illinois







Length of Service:  One Year - renewable.

Program Size:  An average of ten volunteers per year.



  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  • No dependents or spouse
  • Willingness to respectfully live in a community with others
  • Physical background check, drug screen and DMV driving records required

Financial Arrangements

  • Monthly stipend of $250, Room and Board
  • Transportation stipend available for travel home upon completion of program
  • Eligible for medical insurance, loan forbearance
  • Eligible for Misericordia Education award at the completion of the program, comparable to that of  AmeriCorps award.  

Living Arrangements

  • Spacious, vintage Chicago style 3-flat close to the campus
  • Willingness to share in responsibilities of keeping living space clean,
    hygienic and reflecting the "Misericordia Standard."
  • Building includes bedrooms, baths, common space,
    kitchen, laundry, storage space, a chapel, etc.
  • A vehicle to use in common (require a valid driver's
    license and the ability to drive reasonably)



  • 5 weeks of training which includes, classroom, on-the-job experience and shadow days
  • No previous experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities is required
  • Training is comprehensive and will prepare Volunteers to work with residents in their designated residential or program area.


The Long-Term Service Volunteer Handbook is available for you to read which explains the program in much further detail. To view a PDF of the handbook in its entirety, click here.


Applications accepted year round. Please call or email Sharon Keane (below) for more information.

Online Application

To fill out a long term volunteer application online, click here.

To view a PDF version of the application for printing purposes, click here.

Contact Information

Misericordia Home
Attn: Andrew Blomquist
6300 N. Ridge Ave.
Chicago, IL 60660
Phone: 312-550-2321


Please note that funds raised by the Misericordia Foundation go directly to support Misericordia Home’s programs and services. The Misericordia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.