Make a lasting gift

In an effort to both grow and prioritize the Misericordia Endowment, several gift options have
been developed.  Each option has a naming opportunity attached to it so that the donor or donors could memorialize or honor someone of importance to them.  It should also be noted that Endowment contributions
can be made over a multi-year period to reach the amount specified for a naming option.

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Stewarding Misericordia Endowment Funds

Of the many benefits associated with creating an endowment fund at Misericordia, none is greater than the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped the many lives touched by Misericordia care and those who provide that care. In addition, Misericordia will acknowledge and honor its donors by offering an Annual Endowment Report, events of recognition, and public recognition on the grounds of Misericordia. 




All Endowment options will have the following naming opportunities:

Heart of Mercy Level of $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Continuum of Care Level of $500,000 +

Misericordia Compassion Level of $250,000 +

Spirit of Misericordia Level of $100,000 +

Community of Believers Level of $50,000 +

Mission Endowments

Ins.Kathy-S.Grano15_resizeMission Endowments allow the donor to specify their gift for nearly any aspect of Misericordia, including a particular program, department or activity. It provides great flexibility for the donor and gives
critical support to the “mission” of Misericordia. 

Naming Example: 

The Jack and Mary Smith
Mission Endowment in Art Therapy

Program Endowments

_8006440_resizeMisericordia residents are offered a variety of support programs — from recreational programs to therapeutic programs, spiritual assistance and more. For Misericordia to not only secure these programs for the future, but also grow these essential services, it seeks “Named Program Endowments”  of varying but significant funding levels for existing programs.  Unlike a “Mission Endowment,” which can partially support an area of interest for the donor, Program Endowments are intended to undergird the operation of a particular program in its entirety. The gift level for this program option will vary depending on the program, its history and the aspirations for that program.

Naming Example: 

             The Jack and Mary Smith
             Recreation Program Endowment

Scholarship Endowments

Mis1_resizeMisericordia welcomes all members of our community as residents. Twenty percent of Misericordia residents are wards of the state or their families live in poverty. These residents are cared for in the same way, without distinction, as all other residents.  A dedicated scholarship endowment could be created to assist in the cost of care for those residents who have no or limited financial resources. Like “Mission Endowments,” Scholarship Endowments can be created at one of five levels, with each increased level having even more of an impact on Misericordia’s ability to offer quality care.

Naming Example: 

The Jack and Mary Smith Scholarship Endowment


Please note that funds raised by the Misericordia Foundation go directly to support Misericordia Home’s programs and services. The Misericordia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.