The Impact of Your Donation


Donations are most gratefully received and are used to support the programs that enrich the lives of more than 600 children and adults who call Misericordia their home. Through your support, you share in our ministry of care, compassion and love.

Misericordia is a tribute to thousands of good people who share the belief that persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities are entitled to the best lives possible. We exist and have been able to expand because the loving, caring people we are privileged to call friends generously share their blessings with us.

Each of our residents participates in an individually designed program structured to meet his or her physical, psychological, social, religious, educational, vocational and recreational needs. The goal for all residents is to help them achieve and maintain the highest level of independence possible. Our administration, staff and volunteers work very hard to provide the residents of Misericordia with lives of dignity, beauty, challenge and respect.

While the funds we receive from the State of Illinois cover basic room and board for our residents, these costs are only a small portion of the expenses to provide the exceptional programs that enhance their lives. At the present time, the difference between what the State pays us and our actual program expenses is approaching $20 million per year. Therefore, we depend on raising private funds to provide these special programs.

art_workshop01When a program is deemed necessary for the well-being of our residents, we provide it regardless of whether it is fully funded by the State. For example, intervention by physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists is essential for many of our residents. With the help of grants from private foundations, we established a state-of-the-art Therapy Center and hired professional staff to perform therapy services. It is our hope that these interventions will one day be fully funded by the government. Until then, we appeal to our friends for assistance because our residents cannot wait for the therapy they need.


Quinlan_Terrace_1aWe also work very hard to raise funds for new construction and maintenance so that we can serve more persons in need. The 400 individuals on our waiting list are a continuing source of concern. We know we can never provide residential services for all of them, but with the help of our friends we have continued to expand to serve more of them. Private donations are also used to build an Endowment Fund that will ensure Misericordia’s ability to provide services for years to come.


Persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities are unable to create a good world for themselves, but when the environment is open to their gifts they become the gift givers. Their good lives are the best way we know to thank all the good people who share our ministry. Your donation, in whatever amount you can comfortably give, will be most gratefully received.


Other ways to donate:

The Misericordia Foundation serves as the fundraising arm of Misericordia Home. Its mission is to support the mission of Misericordia Home, with all donations supporting Misericordia Home exclusively.