We are diverse and inclusive.


Who We Are

Misericordia Heart of Mercy Center is a Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago staffed by the Sisters of Mercy.  We proudly claim our Catholic heritage and tradition.  Our Community of Believers is inclusive.  We welcome all who share our mission of service to our residents.  Though we are diverse in backgrounds, education, ethnicities, economics and faith traditions, we are united in our commitment to ensure all our residents receive a worthwhile life.  Sister Rosemary Connelly, our Executive Director says: “Our residents are God’s most vulnerable people.  They deserve a life, and a life worth living.”  Anyone who embraces this vision of care for our residents is a member of our Community of Believers.      

What We Do

At Misericordia, we believe that all people – disabled or not – should have an opportunity to be meaningful members of their community every day.  To that end, our staff, volunteers, and benefactors commit to providing a quality life for our residents.  Our commitment is inspired by the words and deeds of Sister Rosemary Connelly. 


Each one is unique, a gift to us today, a loving and loved person made by God with a purpose in life – no matter who wrapped in mystery that purpose is.  We believe, we accept, we love each person, and we are better people because they have touched our lives.

~ Sister Rosemary Connelly, RSM


How We Live

Our life for our residents is built on four essential Core Values: Quality of Life, Connection, Responsibility, and Spirituality.  These values are well winnowed and have sustained our work since our inception.   The values are embedded in our culture and embodied in our staff.  


about_us_DSC_0507Quality of Life

We treasure life and respect the dignity of every person.  Our residents have a worthwhile life which honors their person and provides appropriate stimulation, which enables them to grow and thrive.  We strive for excellence in all we do.  




We are bound together as a robust community so that our residents are enveloped in love and care.   Our residents are persons with whom we form a genuine relationship, with whom we connect, and not simply objects of our care.  We bring them our caring hearts so that they may flourish.