* items shown in photos are representative of merchandise in the store,
and the specific item in the photo, or like items, may not be available.


Spring is springing!! What better way to kick off the new season
than with a cheerful and uplifting wheelbarrow planter box.
'Tis the season when we can again open the windows, enjoy the breeze,
get busy in the garden, and savor the aroma of spring flowers.


If flowers are blooming, then the grass is greening, and that means golf!!
Stop by and "iron out" plans to be fully prepared for that first round of golf.
Bags, balls, or clubs, check out our stock while it lasts.


Warm weather brings out friends, and you never know who might
stop by. Be sure you have sufficient furniture, lamps, and knick-knacks
to accommodate surprise visitors. View our wonderful selection of
household items on the showroom floor. Turnover is frequent
because we stock quality items for our customers.


The musical ice cream wagon scene plays "In the Good Old Summer Time"
while the vendor cranks the ice cream maker, and the canopy rotates.
Two AA batteries bring this terrific scene to life!


Treat your dinner guests to a presentation celebration of Spring
with seasonal dishes and cookware. Warmer weather means birds
chirping and outdoor eating. Make your setting more exciting 
with items that capture the moment of the season.

2013-03_tea1      2013-03_tea2

There's "tee time," and then there's "tea time."
Enjoy a hot cup of tea prepared in one of the colorful and
decorative tea pots on hand at the Misericordia Thrift Shop.



What better way to literally top off your attire and, at the same time,
purchase a spectacular coat at a competitive price. These rich outerwear
creations, combined with attractive pricing, mean that what you see on
the coat rack today may be gone tomorrow. Buy now and be ready for
next Winter. After all, this is Chicago, and cold weather next Winter is
guaranteed (that's what they said for this year)!