Twice Blest Thrift Shop:“The Dog Days of Summer”


Holly enjoys 'long' air conditioned rides on very hot days

The Chicago area enjoyed a terrific Spring, and now the heat of Summer is upon us. Perk up that patio or porch with an umbrella, table, or smaller tables or flower stands. Enjoy the remaining lazy hazy days of Summer. Come by the
Thrift Shop and immerse yourself in a range of quality selections-- revitalized and/or contemporary. Your patronage is genuinely valued and, in return, we strive to offer our patrons great values.

2013-07_table       2013-07_umbrella        2013-07_tiffany

Enjoy two seasonal-colored chairs, as you “stop and smell the flowers,” reflected in a handsome stand-alone tilting mirror. The chairs might be perfect around a table, as extra chairs to service portable TV tables (shown below), or simply as supplemental stand alones. The Misericordia Thrift Shop often has a variety of chairs—rockers, gliders, lounge chairs, etc.—on hand and perfect to round out a home or office décor.

2013-07_mirror          2013-07_tvtables

Finish off that new patio or porch, or maybe refresh the look, with this tasteful 5 piece glass table-chair set with padded seats. Brighten the Summer evenings with a beautiful swag lamp with festive design and colors, one among a range of lamps and chandeliers from which to choose.