Message from Sister Rosemary Connelly, Chairman

Dear Friends,

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the future for Misericordia and our residents whom we are so blessed to serve, the Misericordia Home Board of Directors announced the creation of the Misericordia Foundation during the December 2021 Advisory Board meeting. The new Misericordia Foundation will serve as the fundraising arm of Misericordia Home. This two-entity model (Misericordia Home and Misericordia Foundation) is utilized by many charitable organizations, and will help to secure the future of Misericordia for the next 100 years.

Our new Foundation will help us continue offering the highest quality of care and the best lives possible for our residents by focusing our numerous fundraising efforts to support Misericordia Home. I am delighted to have Lois Gates join me in leading the new Misericordia Foundation in her role as Executive Director. Lois has been instrumental to the growth and success of Misericordia throughout her 50+ years at Misericordia! Please be assured that any and all donations through this new Foundation will continue to support Misericordia Home exclusively.

 We are excited about the Misericordia Foundation and look forward to continuing our efforts with all of you to make a difference for the children and adults who call Misericordia home. How truly blessed we are in knowing we are doing God’s work.


Sister Rosemary Connelly, RSM

Chairman, Misericordia Foundation