There are many ways to help!!

There are many ways that individuals and organizations can help Misericordia continue to be successful in its mission. We have literally thousands of entities giving in so many ways, on an annual basis, with the purpose of assisting our residents and outreach participants to have full and enriched lives. We are so thankful to all who lend their generous support that makes Misericordia the special place that it is.


Events. There are many opportunities to support events through sponsorship, participation and donations of goods and services. Misericordia and their supporters host a significant number of events throughout the year. You can go to our events page (click here) to see our calendar of coming events. In addition, for sponsorship opportunities (click here) to see the major events we have during the year.

Volunteering. We are so blessed with the number of volunteers who commit time and talent on literally a daily basis. We have many opportunities for volunteers to assist with a wide variety of activities ranging from supporting business and operating functions to working directly with our residents. Misericordia is able to offer its volunteers a wide range of flexible hours and days to match their unique needs. Please visit our “Get Involved” tab (click here) to see many of the opportunities available to you. If you are interested in applying to be a volunteer, (click here) for the application.

Financial. Misericordia must raise nearly $20 million every year to cover the gap between what it costs to operate Misericordia and funds received from the government. We depend on thousands of donors in addition to our events, to raise the necessary funds to meet such a significant gap. Gifts are not just financial, but include in-kind goods and services. We offer many programs including endowments, planned giving, matching gifts, and capital projects. Please visit our “Giving” tab (click here) to learn more about how you might help. Click here to make an online donation.

Corporate. Misericordia has a significant number of Corporate Partners, many who have been supporting us for decades - most of whom believe that the benefits they receive in supporting Misericordia far outweigh the commitment they make. Please visit our “Corporate” tab to learn about  the opportunities available to corporations.