Our residents make a difference

Maika: Sandbox/ White Sox Fan Force Member

Maika_B-_Sandbox_250Maika has worked 3 days per week for Sandbox, an advertising firm in Chicago’s loop, for well over the past year. After a brief period of travel training and job coaching, Maika has since been commuting and working independently to the Chicago Loop address. At Sandbox, Maika works in an office environment with responsibilities including stock work, delivery of interoffice mail and light cleaning. Congenial and efficient, Maika has fit in well with her coworkers; and her work ethic is appreciated by supervisors.

Fan Force members work with front office staff to greet fans as they arrive at the stadium, pass out information, and help individuals find locations throughout the area.  Founded in 2012, there are currently 24 residents on the Fan Force rotational roster, with 6 residents working each of 60 games over the course of the season


Paul: Walmart, Loyola, Broadway Animal Hospital, Gemini Associates

Paul is best described as a worker, holding four part-time community employment positions.
He works as a custodian at the Broadway Animal Hospital, as a bakery associate at Walmart, as part of an enclave group cleaning and restoring classrooms at Loyola University, and lastly as a custodian at Gemini Associates, a small architectural firm. Paul is adept at public transportation use, and independently gets himself to and from his worksites. Prior to his current employment responsibilities, Paul worked for Catholic Charities and Lakeshore Sports Physical Therapy doing comparable custodial jobs. His impeccable work record over a period of many years is probably best put into perspective by the following comment from his supervisor at Gemini Associates. “For over five years Paul has been a great help to our office by providing cleaning services. With a warm smile and positive attitude he always takes pride in his performance and is a hard-working, reliable, considerate and conscientious man who is a pleasure to know.”


Andrew: Target Employee

When Andrew came to live at Misericordia, he brought with him a position he held with Dominick’s Finer Foods, where he worked as a bagger and attendant.  Andrew transferred his employment to the local Dominick’s, where he continued his successful employment until the store closed.   Andrew was able to transfer his considerable work skills to the local Target department store, where he has been working since February of 2014. At Target, Andrew is tasked with organizing the “Dollar Spot” area and cleaning and maintaining the food court. In his time there he has exhibited the same consistently energetic, serious-minded and purposeful approach to his work that is his trademark. The Target Executive Team Leader speaks glowingly of his performance. “Andrew comes to work every day with a smile on his face and says hello to everyone. He does whatever he can to make a difference in the overall brand and appearance of our store. We appreciate everything he does for us.”


Abbey: Go Bananas!

Abbey currently holding a competitive position, working part-time at Go Bananas indoor children’s amusement park.  She has been with Go Bananas since 2010. Being non-ambulatory, Abbey uses PACE paratransit services to travel to and from the job. Abbey’s responsibilities at Go Bananas have included greeting and directing customers, hand stamping, obtaining customer email addresses, bagging and packaging various food items, counting and bagging game tokens and monitoring some of the play areas for child safety. The manager at Go Bananas speaks to Abbey’s pleasant, cooperative attitude and describes her as a “great person who does a great job.” This experience has done much to broaden Abbey’s sense of personal independence and self-esteem.