Misericordia's Greco Gardens, located at 6300 North Ridge Avenue, is an authentic greenhouse where you can find budding plants, flowers and almost anything you can imagine growing in a garden. These plants have been nurtured and loved by those in our care, and you can experience the living proof of our residents green thumbs when you visit us. You are welcome to visit the greenhouse on the far west end of our main building.

Like all our enterprises, the Misericordia's Greco Gardens exists to provide unique employment for our residents many of whom use wheelchairs. They are thrilled to have productive work experiences and take part in nurturing and helping things grow. They take pride in brightening others lives through the products they help grow with love and care. It gives them a credible experience that they would be unable to encounter outside of our boundaries. 

Before you plant your next garden or buy that special plant, call or visit Misericordia's Greco Gardens.

For more information, please call Misericordia's Greco Gardens at 773-273-3047.