Heart Works

Heart Works:  The Heart Works program branch provides participants the opportunity to explore their artistic, expressive side, through a variety of art media.  Participant artists have opportunities to paint on canvas and other surfaces, create pottery designs, bead jewelry, work with mixed media, and produce sellable arts and crafts through our Heartfelt Gifts sales events.  The big event of the year is the Artist in All art show, held annually in May in the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago, where participants have the opportunity to show and sell their art creations worked on throughout the year.   Artworks produced by the Heart Works program rooms are auctioned throughout the year at various events.  Participant artists receive a standard artist’s commission based on the selling price.  Often, featured pieces are exhibited in office buildings throughout the Chicagoland area.  In the mixed media room, participants help with production art pieces, such as flower pots and vases, ornaments, and personalized gifts.  The Heart Works program branch supports a wide spectrum of people with disabilities, and the instructors have methods to assist with adapting the art process to accommodate for both physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities.