Graceful Living

Graceful Living:  The Graceful Living program branch supports individuals who have begun to experience functional change as a result of the aging process.  The aging process is very individualized for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and with people living longer, they are experiencing more and varied conditions of aging.  The Graceful Living program supports these individuals through an approach based on the concept of successful aging, utilizing a collaborative curriculum developed by a group of eight local providers, referred to as the GRACE Project (Generating Resources on Aging through Collaborative Energies).  The program is delivered through eight different domains of services, found to be important components of successful aging: communication, memory rehearsal/reminiscence, orientation, health promotions/wellness, spirituality, recreation and leisure, activities of daily living, and dignity care.  Activities and services provided through these eight domains assist the individual with maintaining their skills and cognitions as they progress throughout their later years.  Each Graceful Living participant utilizes a memory book to help record their life story, and use that story to reinforce memories and skills.