The Connelly Home on campus was designed to meet the needs of adults with both physical and intellectual challenges. All staff are trained in lifting and transferring techniques, and range of motion exercises. Physical, occupational, art, music, pet, and horticultural therapy are all offered on campus and all the residents work on campus in the Developmental Training program.The Developmental Training (DT) building, across campus from Connelly Home, is fully accessible and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In addition to vocational training, residents participate in music, art, puppetry, wellness, money management, as well as science and social studies projects. Their jobs may be in recycling, the Greco Gardens, or offices skills, depending on their interests and abilities. When possible they are paid for their work.After work hours, Connelly residents who are able assist with cooking and housekeeping chores. All have positioning time and exercises to maintain strength and flexibility. They may choose from a variety of options for wellness, an adapted yoga class, working out in the Health and Fitness Center, therapeutic swimming, or Music in Motion.In their free time, residents visit other friends on campus and participate in activities at the SocialCenter such as theme parties or movie nights. Other optional offerings include prayer groups, adapted bowling, gardening, or quiet time. Connelly Home has wheelchair accessible vans available for community outings. Current favorites are restaurants, shopping malls, and museums. In good weather, the beach, Ravinia, and the Cubs and Sox rate high. Connelly Home is connected to Rosemary Home, a residence for non-ambulatory children. They have some tandem parties and events. Both homes have wide hallways and doorways, roll-in showers, and bathtubs with lifts.