Illinois Day on Capitol Hill




Misericordia residents joined their fellow advocates for Illinois Day on Capitol Hill to talk about their experiences living at Misericordia and why they choose to live in this setting.

With business cards in hand, residents Molly B., Jeff F., Ryan J. and Mark D. led a delegation from Misericordia, including Sister Rosemary, and five other agencies from Illinois for an “Illinois Day” on Capitol Hill. Over the course of the day the group met with both Senators from Illinois, a number of Congressmen from Illinois and a number of senior staff members from other Congressional offices. The purpose of the day was for our residents to tell their individual stories as a way of emphasizing the importance of choice in deciding where they want to live. We believe the “Illinois Day” on Capitol Hill was a big success as we were able to provide significant background on the importance of choice to a number of our elected officials and their staffs.

Thank you to the all the United State Representatives and Senators that visited with Misericordia and five other organizations from Illinois, including Good Shepard Manor, Park Lawn, Clearbrook, Trinity Services, and Little City in Washington DC during their Illinois Day On Capitol Hill to talk about the importance of quality options and to ensure choice for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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