Get Cookin



Science tells us that one of the keys to successful aging is an active social life.  Luckily, in the Misericordia Developmental Training program called Graceful Living, new participants are always pleasantly surprised to find old friends are already there to make the transition that much easier.  Not only was Brian M (right) thrilled to discover his roommate, Tony, on his first day in Graceful  Living, he was just as excited to learn that cake baking was on the agenda. 

Cooking is always a crowd-pleaser in Graceful Living, not only for residents, but also for staff.  It falls under the activity domain of ADL’s (activities of daily living) but also fills the bill for the domains of communication, memory and reminisce (nothing brings back memories like the aroma of baking) and recreation and leisure – after the baking and decoration comes the eating!



















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