Many thanks to all of our partners                                  we couldn't do it without you!

We are so blessed to have the support of many corporations who believe in the mission of Misericordia. This support comes in so many different ways, providing our residents a chance to live their lives in an environment that is community based, stimulating and rewarding. There are so many wonderful examples of how corporations continue to help Misericordia and in turn receive benefits from their participation. 
Please review the examples below and feel free to contact Kevin Connelly at or 773-272-4167 to learn more about the opportunities we have to offer.

Corporate Partners (click here)


We have hundreds of corporate partners who are so supportive of Misericordia. We thank each and every one of them for their efforts and commitment to our mission. If you have an interest in becoming one of our partners, we have needs in many areas and would certainly be able to assist you in finding the best area of fit for you. 

Corporate Event Sponsorships (click here)









At many of our events we offer a variety of corporate sponsorship opportunities. These can in the form of financial donations, and/or in kind goods and services. Corporations benefit from exposure to the event attendees, and our quarterly newsletter distributed to over 100,000 supporters. Employees and customers also see the valuable role their company plays in their community. 

Employee Volunteering (click here)

Candy_Day_JugThere are many ways for corporations to volunteer and support Misericordia. The most common is with our Candy Day event held the last Fri/Sat of the month of April. Over 8,000 volunteers come together for 2 days and collect donations on the streets, at businesses, store fronts and on-line throughout the Chicagoland  area. Individual donors are acknowledged with packets of Jelly Belly candy donated by our corporate partner Jelly Belly. Over 1 Million packets are passed out during the event. Many corporations and government Agencies encourage and support employees who volunteer  throughout the greater metropolitan area.



Resident Employment (click here)