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Mailing address:
6300 North Ridge
Chicago, IL 60660

Telephone numbers:
General 773-973-6300
Fax 773 973-5214


                Therese Loftus                                  TLoftus@misericordia.com  773-273-4163


                Lois Gates                                         Loisg@misericordia.com    773-273-4160

                Kevin Connelly                                  Kevin@misericordia.com    773-273-4167

                Pete Cullen-Conway                          Petec@misericordia.com    773-273-4165

                Bob Bourke                                       Robertb@misericordia.com  773-273-4173

                Gregg Hartemayer                            Greggh@misericordia.com   773-273-4173


                Martha Floberg                                  Marthaf@misericordia.com  773-273-4125

Corporate Support

                Fr. Jack Clair                                      Frjack@misericordia.com    773-273-4165

Social Service (Placement)                          

                Lindsey Wilkens                                 Lindseyw@misericordia.com   773-273-4144

Career Oppportunities

                Sharon Keane                                     Sharonm@misericordia.com

Volunteer Opportunities

                Theresa Rooney                                 Theresar@misericordia.com   773-273-4161

Hearts and Flour Bakery

                                                                            Bakery@misericordia.com     773-273-4759

                Shop online                                         http://www.misericordia.com/bakery.aspx

Memorial Donations

                Dolly Arnolds                                       Dollya@misericordia.com      773-273-4136


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