Coffee Connoisseur

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12 oz bag of each French Roast, House Blend and Decaf.  Coffee clip and scoop are included in the gift basket.

FRENCH ROAST:  A dark roast with a hint of cherry and chocolate chip. 100% Arabica Blend.
DECAF: Natural water decaf with a hint of vanilla and pine. Single origin Arabica. Medium Roast.
HOUSE BLEND: A mellow coffee with lemon, ripe blueberry and chocolate tones. A blend of Ethiopia Sidamo, a single origin Arabica medium roast, and Uganda Sebei, a single source Arabica light roast.

Our mission is to serve coffee lovers high quality coffee from unique and sustainable origins at a fair price. All of our endeavors operate with quality, the environment and social equality as their driving forces. We aim to bring high quality relationship coffees to you and support the farmers in building successful and sustainable coffee programs.


Price: $34.95

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