Amina Grace Gardens

AminaGraceThe Amina Grace Gardens at Misericordia is a horticultural program that includes an outdoor  garden and an indoor vertical hydroponic garden.  The program teaches residents how to grow their own food and maximizes their independence through  a positive sensory  environment. 

At the start, the program will engage over 60 residents from across campus.  Participants of varying cognitive and physical abilities are challenged to learn about different plants and flowers.  Some activities include planting, weeding, watering and participating in educationally based lesson plans. 

 The garden program will be incorporated into many different areas at Misericordia.  Each part of the program has values for the residents as they learn new skills and use them in their daily life.  The vegetables and herbs are harvested and used in food preparation by the residents, the zucchini will be used to make the popular zucchini bread in the Misericordia Hearts & Flour Bakery and the herbs are used in the Greenhouse Inn Restaurant (basil has been used to make pesto).  An exciting new opportunity coming out of the garden program is that the basil, thyme, rosemary and oregano will be sold in the Heartstrings Gift Shop.

“Amina lives on in the love she and her family share with the residents of Misericordia.  God’s decisions are sometimes a mystery and there are no answers, but there are answering people.  We are so grateful to the Cullen Ali Family for their generous donation of the Amina Grace Gardens and Hydroponic Gardening Program through the Amina Grace Memorial Fund.  This program will help the residents learn new skills, work as a team, and enjoy the many benefits of gardening for years to come.  Thank you for believing in the mission of Misericordia.”  Sr. Rosemary Connelly

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