The campus is divided into distinct cohorts.  All campus visits are based on the COVID-19 status of the individual cohort.  Visits are available on a sign up basis and are limited to two adult members of the same household.  All visits are held in a reserved outdoor, open sided tent, weather permitting.


Visitation Rules

  • Please make all attempts to practice social distancing.

  • Please wear the mask you received at the screening station during the entire visit.

  • Help support your son/daughter in keeping his/her mask on.

  • Apply hand sanitizer before your son/daughter arrives and frequently during your visit.

  • Refer to rules from your residential area regarding food and drinks.

  • Help your son/daughter apply hand sanitizer when he/she arrives and use it throughout the visit.

  • Allow yourself 5 minutes to clean the area with the supplies located in the tent.  

  • If you should need assistance during the visit for any reason, McAuley residents call (773)273-4744 and other areas call (773)973-6300 and ask for the supervisor of the residence where your child resides.

  • Wait in the tent for staff to pick up your son/daughter, DO NOT enter any residential areas.

  • If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 within 3 days of visiting, notify the facility immediately.

Click here for a downloadable pdf of the visitation rules.